African diaspora

[Black people of African descent who are scattered throughout the world; refers to Blacks whose ancestors were removed from the African continent through slavery and colonization, and dispersed worldwide, according to the National Association of Black Journalists Style Guide.]

The African diaspora is a byproduct of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, which dispersed millions of people. The TransAtlantic Slave Trade Database estimates that 12.5 million Africans were taken to the Americas and the Caribbean. About 1.8 million died en route. This forced move imposed a negative legacy. Overlaying new locations on African origins changed identities.

[In the 20th and 21st centuries many Africans migrated from the continent to other parts of the world for religious, political and economic reasons, continuing the African diaspora. For more about the history of the African diaspora, including the different phases of migration and where Africans settled, read the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy’s web page about The African Diaspora.]


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